This is an opportunity to apply for your very own THE LAST 10™ weight loss AUDIT-  to help you understand what you need to move forward with your weight loss goals- successfully!

Your time is very valuable, as is mine. PLEASE NOTE that I only accept applications with motivated women who truly want to take their lives and weight loss results to the NEXT LEVEL. The women who is REALLY READY to finally (&permanently!) breakthrough the stuff that's holding her back, get to her goal & end the struggle with her weight- FOR GOOD.

Not only end this struggle by ACTUALLY GETTING TO THAT DREAM WEIGHT but also by eliminating the ongoing brain chatter about food & weight, ending sabotaging habits and finally getting off the emotional rollercoaster.

IF THAT'S YOU- then absolutely complete this application.

Let's get you to YOU exactly where you want to be.  It's 100% possible. 
& It's time! xo  Brenda Lomeli

Are you determined to finally lose this weight? *

How much weight do you have to lose? *

What do you struggle with in terms of reaching this goal?* *

Why is it important for you to lose this weight? *

On a scale 1 - 5  (1 being not important,  5 being EXTREMELY IMPORTANT & READY TO TAKE ACTION NOW)... how important is it for you to overcome your weight loss obstacles, END YOUR WEIGHT STRUGGLE AND ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL? *Please note we only accept applications of '5' or greater at this time. *

I operate only from HELL YES in my life, and everything else is a no. If we should get on a call and it's a clear HELL YES to work together, are you at a point in your life where you are willing and able to make an investment in yourself to hire a Coach? IF DOING SO  means you get to GET TO YOUR GOAL & END YOUR WEIGHT STRUGGLE (including eliminating the brain chatter & emotional rollercoaster) PERMANENTLY? *

Will you show up on time for your call? *

What is your current annual income? *

Before your application can be considered, please agree to the following terms: I (applicant named above) agree to be 100% open and coachable during our call. I agree to be fully present on the call, listen intently, and be willing to take action! *

What's most exciting for YOU about having this individual call with Brenda: *

Congratulations! Based on your answers, you qualify for a *FREE* LAST 10™ Weight Loss Audit!!  IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO BLOCK OUT AT LEAST 45 MINUTES FOR THIS CALL.
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